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14th Aikido Warriors' Camp 2018
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
23 - 27 July 2019
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Thank you for making the 14th Aikido Warriors' Camp a success!
This was a week-long overview of Aikido practice and philosophy,
and a summer refresher for our regular students.

As with each year, the day begins with morning warm-ups and a jog:
a light refreshing warm-up in the fresh morning air
for students to move around as a team.

A team-game normally follows the jog, reinforcing the importance of
working together, being mindful of team mates, working out strategies,
leading the team, and delegating responsibilities.
Frisbee Game
Capture the Flag
Daily practice, with the observance of
Aikido etiquette and discipline.
International Football (Soccer)

Getting to know you...

Remembering everyone's name...

A question of trust, being clear with our
intentions, and selecting our words precisely
and well: The Blindfold Obstacle Course

A central theme of the camps,
apart from technique, is the importance
of developing one's character and attitude
from the inside: proper and appropriate
etiquette, respect, discipline, self-reliance,
accountability, being responsible, and being
conscious of one's decisions and actions.

These will help when making decisions that
lead a person in the direction of desired
outcomes in life and in one`s life`s journey.
These are explored through
games, and paired practice, and reflection.

The other purpose for the annual camp is to
give first time students glimpse and
an overview of the practice of Aikido.

The importance of personal goals and life statements...
...knowing a destination determines the choices along the way.
Working Together
No excuses... be accountable... Blame and be lame ...
Games - Dog & the Bone: alertness & agility
Working Together
Working Together

Centeredness through Ki exercises,....

The Mirror Game - learning to go with the flow
Working Together
Working Together

... Calligraphy ...

Cooperation and coordination
Picnic Lunches
Working Together

Picnic lunches...

Working together to clear up

After the normal dojo warm-up, students
were brought through basic unarmed and weapons training.
Mini lecture
Elbow Crawl Bokken
Practicing Ukemi - Breakfalls
Irimi Nage, entering throw
Elbow Crawl Bokken
Ikkyo, the first technique

and the Aiki-Ken



14th Aikido Warriors' Camp 23 - 27 July 2018
Thank you for an awesome, and very meaningful week of Aikido practice!
Thanks also to our helpers,
especially Mrs Gillam, Mrs. Oei, Nicole, Mitchell, Grace, and Aimee.
Have a most wonderful and enriching summer.
See you in the Dojo!

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