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16th Aikido Warriors' Camp 2020
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
27 - 31 July 2020
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Thank you for making our 16th Aikido Warriors' Camp a success!
The year 2020 was the year that the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic.
This caused a worldwide lock down from March 15 to prevent the spread of the respiratory virus.
Businesses closed, classes were cancelled, and everyone stayed at home; venturing out just for essential supplies.

By July, the provincial government eased restrictions, although we were still required to maintain
a distance of 2 metres/6 feet from each other, encouraged to put on a face mask,
and wash our hands and sanitize everything that was touched.
The summer camps were the first activities to be allowed to cautiously begin at the Saanich Recreation Centres
with conditions: classes sizes were reduced to only 16 for the Aikido camp,
and to comply with the social distance rule, I decided to focus on weapons and to practice outdoors whenever possible.
Games and activities were modified for the camp, the demonstration at the end of the camp was cancelled,
and student sign in and out were strictly monitored, ensuring that students who were present were not ill, sneezing, or coughing.
To ensure there would not be crowding in the washrooms and changing rooms,
I decided that this year, we would not put on our Dogi for the camp.

The focus for the Aikido Warriors' Camp, though, remained a weeklong overview of Aikido practice and philosophy
but this time through the use of weapons such as the Jo and the Bokken.

As much as was possible, each day of the camp still began with morning warm-ups and a short jog.

Sign in and out, with masks
Social Distancing - keeping 2 metres apart
Modified outdoor activities to facilitate team building, and cooperation. They were mostly relays.
Getting to know you...
... reflecting on etiquette, behaviour, and philosophy ...

Being careful with distance rules, we were able to
play our usual Blindfold Obstacle Course,
to illustrate the importance of being clear
in the selection of words, with our intentions,
and the importance of trust and being trustworthy.

Like the preceding years, the central theme of the camps,
apart from technique and providing an overview of Aikido,
is the importance of developing one's character and attitude
from the inside: proper and appropriate etiquette,
respect, discipline, self-reliance, accountability,
being responsible, and being
conscious of one's decisions and actions.

These will help when making decisions that
lead a person in the direction of desired
outcomes in life and in one`s life`s journey.
These are explored through
games, and paired practice, and reflection.

Working Together
Working Together

Calligraphy, with a difference, using markers instead of paint brushes.

The modified Dog & the Bone Game
Working Together
Working Together

Picnic lunches, with a slight difference..

... even playing the Wink Murder Game
This year, after the normal dojo warm-up, students
were brought through basic weapons training, mostly outdoors.
Elbow Crawl Bokken
Elbow Crawl Bokken
Forward Rolls

Elbow Crawl Bokken

Forward Roll


Elbow Crawl Bokken

Forward Roll




16th Aikido Warriors' Camp 27 - 31 July 2020
Thank you for an awesome, and very meaningful week of Aikido practice!
Thanks also to our helpers,
especially Mrs. Oei, and Nicole.
Have a most wonderful and enriching summer.
Be well, be safe, and stay healthy!
See you in the Dojo!

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