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18th Aikido Warriors' Camp 2022
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
25 - 29 July 2022
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Thank you for making our 18th Aikido Warriors' Camp a success!

The focus for the Aikido Warriors' Camp remained a weeklong overview of Aikido practice and philosophy.
We are grateful that things are getting back to normal.

As much as was possible, each day of the camp still began with morning warm-ups and a short jog.

Morning Warm Up Morning Warm Up
Each day began outside...
with a warm up and short jog.
The morning outdoor activities were intended for team building, and to reflect on the students' reactions and responses to the games, and within their teams. Games can bring out one's "true self".
Frisbee Game
Team Building
Team Building Games
Focussing on the senses
Like the preceding years, the central theme
of the camps, apart from technique
and providing an overview of Aikido,
is the importance of developing
one's character and attitude from the inside:
proper and appropriate etiquette, respect,
discipline, self-reliance, accountability,
being responsible, and being conscious
of one's decisions and actions.

These will help when making decisions that
lead a person in the direction of desired
outcomes in life and in one`s life`s journey.
These are explored through
games, and paired practice, and reflection.
Games seem to reveal and bring out one's (true) self...

Getting to know you
Quiet Time
Getting to know you by listening ...
... reflecting on etiquette, behaviour, philosophy, and life ...
Blindfold Game
Blindfold Game

Our usual Blindfold Obstacle Course,
to illustrate the importance of being clear
in the selection of words,

...to mean what we say,
and say what we mean...
with our intentions; being aligned
in thought, word, and deed:
the importance of trust
and being trustworthy.
Dog & the Bone
Blanket Game
Dog & the Bone Game
The Blanket Game (remembering names)
Chopstick Game
Chopstick Game

Chopstick Game: regaining ....

... focus and composure.


Calligraphy, making tangible...

...discipline, character, attitude...

Working Together

Puzzle Game - set tangible, achievable goals...

Learning dojo etiquette and protocol...
Participants are also brought through basic Aikido movement, ukemi, and techniques
Forward Roll
Backward Roll
Forward Rolls


Irimi Nage


Irimi Nage




Jo Dori
Tanto Dori

Jo Dori

Tanto Dori

18th Aikido Warriors' Camp 25 - 29 July 2022
Thank you for a very meaningful week of Aikido practice!
Thanks also to our helpers,
especially Mrs. Oei, Mrs. Gillam, and Nicole.
Be well, be safe, and stay healthy!
See you in the Dojo!

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