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Aikido Warrior's Camp
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
9am - 4pm: Mon 22 August - Fri 26 August 2005
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Morning pick-me-ups ...

Martial training, or military training, entails having
a daily routine that develops discipline, the body,
the spirit (or attitude), and the mind.

Greeting the day cheerfully and in high spirits;
focussing one's thoughts in centering exercises
to align oneself to meet the day.

Starting the day with a jog...

Moving and working as a team...
... no one gets left behind.

Daily classes included
armed and unarmed techniques;
giving participants a taste and overview
of Aikido training.


... Bokken practice ...

... Jo practice ...

... multiple attacks ...

Participants went through activities that illustrated
the importance of being a person of integrity first.

Martial training is not about fighting.
"Bushi" or "wushu" means "military person" or samurai.
It is service, honour, dedication, discipline, and respect;
developing the self and being a leader from the inside out.

Sincere Aikido training develops
mind, body and spirit alignment:
living with purpose, responsibility and accountability.

... and weapons technique (tanto & gun)

Sharing, discussions, and reflections balanced off
the physical training at the camp: exploring
living life in conscious awareness and
how outward behaviour reveals one's attitude,
cultivation and inner alignment.

An example of an outward manifestation
is through the things we say and do.
Calligraphy traditionally revealed the skill
and understanding of the calligrapher/swordsman.

How do you live, and what quality of work
do you produce in your daily life?


Games reveal a person's character through
their behaviour during the game.

Games and activities at the camp reinforced the
qualities explored in a warrior:
qualities important in life skills and in leadership.

Testing one's memory... with each other's names.

Being responsible for personal choices and decisions
and getting out of the blame game.

A lesson in procrastination...

A big thank you to the parents for supporting
your child's interest in the camp and Aikido.

Presenting a summary of the camp at the
demonstration by camp participants on the last day.

Congratulations to all participants!

It was a pleasure training with you.


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