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Aikido Warriors' Camps 2010
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
12 - 16 July 2010
26 - 30 July 2010
9 - 13 August 2010

Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

The Aikido Warriors' Camp
has been a regular Summer event since the Summer of 2005.

It was intended as a weeklong overview of Aikido practice and philosophy for the uninitiated,
and an intense summer refresher for our regular students.

The camps begin with morning warm-ups and a jog.
This provides a light refreshing warm-up in the morning air,
and for the students to get used to moving around together and as a team.

A team-game normally follows the jog, illustrating and reinforcing the importance of
working together, being mindful of one's team mates, working out strategies,
leading the team, and delegating responsibilities.
Frisbee Game
Capture the Flag
Fox and the Hen
International Football (Soccer)

Daily practice included the observance of
Aikido etiquette and discipline.

Practising the Bow

Getting to know you...

Getting involved and helping to set up...
Working together...
Being neat ...
Reflecting ...
The importance of visualising and setting goals ...
... through a metaphor using puzzles...

After the normal dojo warm-up, students
are then brought through basic unarmed
and weapons training.

Present students used the opportunity to refine
their technique and expand their understanding
of Aikido - especially as it applies in daily life.

Talking about etiquette and philosophy...




Apart from technique,
the camps reinforced the importance
of developing oneself from the inside;
beginning with proper etiquette, respect,
discipline, self-reliance, accountability,
being responsible, and being
conscious of one's decisions and actions.

Bean Bag Game:
Teamwork, focus, speed & agility...
Learning to listen... leading the sightless...
... engaging all the senses...
...practising centredness...
...being specific, and saying what you mean.
Inner focus, control ...
... each stroke being decisive...
... through calligraphy.
Working as a team, ...
...with patience, a clear eye,...
... and steady hand to pass a ping pong ball

Games served to reveal personal attitudes,
character, temperament, beliefs,
and sowed the seeds of self-discovery...

... going beyond assumptions,
taking charge of one's responsibilities,
and being more sensitive to choices,
and others.

After going around the pole, ...
... feeling breathless and dizzy...
... then being calm to transfer beans one at a time...

... from one bowl to another using chopsticks.
Focus, balance, centredness, carrying a tennis ball.


... remembering faces and names...

Being alert and quick, in "Dog & the Bone".


Students were also introduced to the idea of KI.

These exercises required students to be aligned
within themselves - balanced in mind, spirit and body.

Being alert, with the "Wink" murderer on the loose.
Finding the Centre ...
... receiving and redirecting energy...
... extension of "ki"...

Participants also practised multiple attacks.

These exercises demonstrated the importance of movement, centredness, and going with the flow.


The camps ended with a little demonstration,
along with the presentation of certificates.

Thanks and appreciation to parents and students
for the success of the camps.



A slideshow for the parents...


Your children's enthusiasm...
... attentiveness, and attitude are impressive.
Thank you for supporting their interest in Aikido.
Aikido Warriors' Camp 12 July 2010
Aikido Warriors' Camp 26 July 2010

Aikido Warriors' Camp 9 August 2010

Thank you once again for such a wonderful and enriching summer.
See you in the Dojo!

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