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Demonstration & Hot Dog Barbeque
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
4pm - 6pm: Friday 16 June 2006
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

June 16 was the last day of the Spring cycle.

To celebrate the end of the academic year,
and the coming of summer, students and
parents were invited to an afternoon of
Aikido, and a hot dog barbeque.

Guests and students were treated to short videos
of my visit to Hombu Dojo, Japan,
with my Sensei and Ueshiba Aikido Singapore.
The first video featured Doshu's daily 6:30pm class,
and the other was on our visit
to Hombu Dojo's collection of
O Sensei's memorabilia.

Students from the Thursday and Friday classes
of Gordon Head Recreation Centre,
and students from Gordon Head School,
participated; giving their parents, family, and friends
an opportunity to glimpse at their Aikido training.





The demonstration included basic techniques,
with three groups of students from the
Intermediate and Advanced classes
performing defensive scenarios from a variety of
attack situations.

An attack in the park...

... a kidnap situation...

... and a baseball bully.


Everyone was so helpful and supportive ...

We appreciate everyone who brought dishes and drinks,
and who helped in barbequing the sausages and buns
for the hot dog treat.

Thank you, also,
for your support, and a great turn out.

Families and students took the opportunity
to mingle, to get to know each other better.

We are one family, ...

... building a caring and responsible generation of Canadians.



I appreciate your commitment and dedication to the practice and study of Aikido.


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