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8th Annual UAV Demo & Potluck 2012
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Fri 15 June 2012

Photos by Martin Feeney & Kathy Newton. Thank you Martin & Kathy.

Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Another academic year has come to a close;
Time, once again, to celebrate the year!

We express appreciation to all students and parents for their
support, enthusiasm, and interest in Aikido practice.
You make it all possible. Thank you!

The Demonstration

Students from the different grade levels gave a demonstration of a variety of techniques,
tanto-dori, tachi-dori, jo and bokken, and multiple attacks
that they practiced over the year at their Aikido classes.

Here is the 8th Demo and Potluck in 91 seconds!
(Courtesy of Mark Yager. Thank you Mark!)

Click here to watch it.











Gifts and Acknowledgements
Students from the 5-7yr class were presented
their Kyu Grade Certificates.
Acknowledgements to our first batch of Sempei,
senior students, who are in our first
Deshi programme
Nicole, Mitchell, Sean, Maxwell,
Cameron, Alan, Alex, and Noah .
The Potluck

Then it was time to celebrate all the birthdays
in June, July and August.

Grateful thanks to Eva for another beautiful
Birthday Cake.


Thank you for the delicious variety of dishes:
what an international buffet it was!
Another wonderful evening of fellowship amongst families and friends.
Thank you so much for coming and making it a success.

Thank you for your interest, enthusiasm, dedication, support, and encouragement.
It was an excellent and enriching year of Aikido practice.
Have a wonderful and safe summer...

See you in the Dojo!

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