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6th Annual UAV Demo & Potluck 2010
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Fri 18 June 2010

Photos by Mark Mebs. Thank you Mark.

Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Once again, we celebrated the end of another academic year with
our annual demonstration and potluck...

This year, we had a Hot Dog Barbeque at our Gordon Head Rec Ctr space, the Bert Richman Building.

Coming together as an Aikido family, we celebrated another successful year of Aikido practice in Victoria.
We express appreciation to all students and parents for the support of and interest in Aikido.

The Demonstration

Students from the different grade levels gave a demonstration of some of the movement and
techniques they practiced over the year at their Aikido classes.
Included were a variety of techniques, tachi-dori, jo and bokken, and multiple attacks.



Students from our Aikido Kids under 7 class were so delightful....

Students from our regular youth and adult classes did marvellously too.




We bade farewell to the Forghanis, one of the first
families who were very supportive of us
when we first began offering Aikido classes
here at Gordon Head.
Thank you so very much for your interest, support,
warmth, and friendship. You will be missed.
A letter of introduction was also presented to
Noah Rondeau, who will be away in Quebec,
and who may want to train in a Dojo there.
Gifts of appreciation were presented to
Mitchell and Nicole
for assisting with the Aikido Kids under 7 classes.
Thank you Mitchell...
... and Nicole.
The Potluck

Thank you for the abundance of food.
We certainly had our fill of good will and love
Thank you for organising our spread of food,
Mary & Evon.

The hot dogs were done to perfection, and the queue
was long and constant.
Thank you BBQ Dads:
Havind, Stephane, Gordon, and Soren.

Another wonderful evening of friendly fellowship
amongst families and friends.
Thank you so much for coming...
... and what a wonderful way to gather to celebrate
the birthdays of everyone born in June, July and August.
Have the best year yet!

Thank you for your interest, support, and encouragement.
What an excellent and enriching year of Aikido practice.
It is an honour to share Aikido with you.

See you in the Dojo!

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