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Demo & Potluck 2007
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Fri 15 June 2007
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

The academic year ended well with a demonstration and potluck...

... attended by students from all dojos of Ueshiba Aikido Victoria.
Celebrating another successful year of Aikido practice in Victoria, it was also an occasion to
express appreciation to all students and their parents for their support and interest in Aikido.



After an introduction, Rafael Sensei expressed gratitude
for another excellent year of Aikido practice. This was followed by a brief overview of year,
Aikido philosophy, and some examples of possible daily applications.

The Demonstration

Students from the different grade levels then gave a demonstration of basic movement and
techniques. This was followed by a series of multiple attacks and skits, demonstrating the
application of these techniques in various scenarios.






The Potluck

A big THANK YOU for your
generous contribution of sumptuous food.

It was excellent opportunity to mingle
and meet as one Aikido family.


Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and interest in Aikido.

It is a pleasure training and taking this Aikido journey with you.

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