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Aikikai Hombu Dojo Visit 2014
Shinjuku & Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
16 - 25 May 2014
A visit with the Ueshiba Aikido Association, Singapore
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Finally, after ten years of sharing and planning, we were finally able to make our
first trip to visit the World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan,
to practice with Doshu, his son, Hombu Dojo Shihans,
to experience practicing at Hombu Dojo,
and to participate in the 52 All Japan Aikido Demonstration on Saturday 24 May 2014.

What a treat, and what an awesome visit it was.
Thank you, Chang Shihan,
for letting us join you in your biennial visit to Aikikai Hombu Dojo.
Thank you, also, to the members of the Ueshiba Aikido Association, Singapore,
for such a meaningful time together.
Until we meet again in 2016...

Finally leaving for Tokyo, Japan... at Victoria Airport, and on an Air Canada Jazz,
on the way to Vancouver International Airport.
(2nd row) Having lunch at Vancouver International Airport, sponsored by the Gillam Family.
Thank you Gillam Family!
At Narita Airport
Exploring Narita Airport
Landed... at Narita International Airport!
Exploring the airport... staying overnight...
Breakfast the next day at Narita Airport...
Waiting for Chang Shihan and the group from Singapore.

Chang Shihan & UAV Members

Meet my sensei, Chang Shihan from Singapore.
1st meeting and already friends: Singapore & Victoria students

Loading up the coach at Narita Airport

Yup, the correct coach..
First sight of Mt. Fuji from the coach
After a long bus ride... our first lunch together.
Working Together
Onto "8 Lakes" and a challenge to hold your arms in the fresh icy Mt. Fuji spring water for 5 minutes...
Sacred koi at "8 Lakes": the water is fresh enough to drink.

Wheelbarrow Race

Awesome so far...
At Lake Hotel, and dinner... getting to know you...


A gift for Chang Shihan from Victoria...
... and for Ito San, our tour guide.
Elbow Crawl
Day Two and Three: first Aikido practices together.
Mt. Fuji, stopping at the 5th station...

So close, yet so far...

Having ice cream on Mt. Fuji...
Elbow Crawl Bokken
Elbow Crawl Bokken
Then to all-you-can-eat BBQ lunch...
...and a ferry ride across the Lake Hakone.

Forward Roll

The Sulphur Springs!
So glad to be here...
Forward Roll
So ... so glad!!!
Eating the sulphur spring-cooked eggs on the coach.
Fooling around flowers...
An Aikido Family...
Mt Fuji Sunset
Table Tennis Lake Hotel
Mt. Fuji at sunset... gorgeous.
Recreation at the hotel, the Onsen... and Table Tennis!
In Tokyo!!!! ... and buying slippers...
Asakusa Kannon Temple (Sensoji), Tokyo.
And Tokyo by night... lots to see.
Next morning, 5:45am; showers of blessings,
first walk to Aikikai Hombu Dojo

Finally, at Aikikai Hombu Dojo!

Three days...
... two to three classes a day...
... beginning with Doshu's morning 6:30am class...
... of awesome practice experience!
With Jasmine and Peng Beng Senseis...
With Chang Shihan
Taking the train to the Meiji Temple...
... getting a stamp that indicates "I was here".
Wheelbarrow Race
At the Meiji Temple Tea House Garden and Lake.
The man-made lake built for the Meiji Empress.

Wheelbarrow Race

The Meiji Tea House built for the Empress to entertain...
... Cleansing ourselves before entering the Meiji Temple.
The Meiji Temple entrance
... at the inner courtyard...

AWC 2013
All too soon, the Budokan, and the 52 Aikikai Embukai!
We're in...

AWC 2013
Welcome by Doshu.
Waiting to go on...




Dog Bone

Dog Bone


Our 52nd Embukai Demonstration, 24 May 2014

After the demonstrations... exhilirated... grateful...
Thank you Chang Shihan!
Last Night in Tokyo
Last Night in Tokyo
One last dinner together...
A hearty and spicy Thai dinner.
Last Night in Tokyo
Last Night in Tokyo
Making it last longer... having a last dessert together.
Last Night in Tokyo
Last Night in Tokyo
One last Tokyo night walk....
Where did the 8 days go?
Ueshiba Aikido Singapore & Victoria
Thank you Chang Shihan and the Singapore Group for an awesome eight days in Japan!
We were sad to leave you... and we miss you... but...
We'll see you again in 2016!!!

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