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Junior Warrior's Camp
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
9am - 4pm: Mon 8 August - Fri 12 August 2005
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Morning warm up ...

Martial training, or military training, entails having
a daily routine that develops discipline, the body,
the spirit (or attitude), and the mind.

Greeting the day cheerfully and in high spirits.

Starting the day with a jog...

Getting the old circulation going.

Daily classes included
armed and unarmed techniques;
giving participants a taste and overview
of Aikido training.


... Bokken practice ...

... Jo practice ...

... multiple attacks ...

The Aikidoist is an aligned and integrated person.

Martial training is not about fighting.
It is service, honour, dedication, discipline, and respect.
It is about developing the self and being a leader.

Sincere Aikido training develops
mind, body and spirit alignment:
being the best you can be,
and living with purpose.

A warrior is a person of character and integrity.

... and weapons technique (tanto & gun).

Talks, sharing and discussions, reflecting inward to discover one's motivation and...

how it all integrates in Aikido practice.

There were also games at the camp.
Games reveal a person's behaviour...

This in turn reveals attitude, character and habits.

A big thank you, also, to the parents;
for supporting your child's interest in the camp
and Aikido.

The children behaved marvelously.

Congratulations to all participants!

It was a pleasure training with you.


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