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Summer 2007
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Dear students and parents,

Thank you for the marvelous turn-out at the Demo & Potluck on Friday 15 June. The students were all at their best, and the food was delicious. Thank you for helping us set up and clear up on that day. We also appreciate your contributions, support and kindness throughout the year.

We had wonderful Winter and Spring cycles, and the students trained and practised diligently all year with the majority of students consistently attending regular classes. It has been an exciting year with many students slowly inching their way up to the Intermediate and Advanced level Grades. Expectations for both discipline and technique are also raised at these levels, so do be extra attentive and diligent during practice.

Congratulations to students who were graded in May. The next week of Grading will be the week of August 20.

Thank you, also, for the wonderful attendance at our first series of Pro-D workshops. The workshops will continue when the new academic year begins.

With Summer upon us, we look forward to three week-long Aikido Warrior Camps; two in July and one in August. As usual, these week-long camps will provide opportunities for students to explore Aikido technique and principles at a level not normally possible during regular classes. There will also be activities to facilitate self-reflection and development, important as first steps to inner awareness, which contributes to the flowing techniques of the higher levels.

Regular classes during Summer will continue, so do register at the reception if you have not already done so. Class transfers will be based on the level grade; a brief guideline is given below under the heading "Class Schedules".

If you are going away on vacation, I wish you a pleasant and safe trip. And we hope to see you in the Fall.

Until then, have a most beautiful and gorgeous Summer, and see you in the Dojo.

In harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido (Victoria)

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Grading Results
Aikido Warrior Camps

July / August Adult Fees
Class Schedules

Founder of Aikido
Morihei Ueshiba
O Sensei

Grading Results

Grading Results

Congratulations to students who Graded in May!

Gordon Head Recreation Centre Aikido Classes

Promoted to 12 Kyu
Aislinn Henry-Neale
Jasjit Chauhan
Jeremy Tsai
Lillian Tsai
Sam Terani
Alpha Willeboordse
Beta Willeboordse
Gama Willeboordse
Kadin Snell Cooper
Promoted to 11 Kyu
Liam Aloni
Roland Liao Briere
Noah Rondeau
Julia Sunderland Baker
Promoted to 10 Kyu
Robing Goring
Nicolas Sunderland Baker
Ross Clifford
Brandon Lucas
Leonard Liao Briere
Prithvi Kumar
Promoted to 9 Kyu
Angela Tsai
Maxwell Branyik
Toby Ng
Bae Dawson
James Gray
Cameron McFarlane
Adam Willing
Promoted to 8 Kyu
Sean Oei
Celeste Nussbaumer
Kids: Promoted to 6 Kyu
Andrew Sharon
Kids: Promoted to 4Kyu
Nicole Oei
Mark Balovnev
Adults: Promoted to 5 Kyu
Malcolm McLaren
Adults: Promoted to 4 Kyu
Mitchell Gaucher


Grading Tests

Grading Tests will be conducted four times a year,
in November, February, May and August.

Students who are ready and eligible for grading will be invited to apply to be graded.

No video recording or photography will be allowed during Grading Tests.

Click here for the syllabus: Grading Structure.

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Aikido Warrior Camps

Following the success of our Aikido Warriors' Camp series, since 2005, here are the dates this year:

Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Mon 9 July to Fri 13 July
9am to 4pm
Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre
Mon 23 July to Fri 27 July
9am to 3pm
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Mon 13 August to Fri 17 August
9am to 4pm

If you wish to sign up for the Warrior Camp(s) do register at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre reception counter, or online at http://recreation.saanich.ca/reconline/Start/

Students signing up for the camp at Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, please register at the reception at Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre.

Please Note:

  • Each day will begin with a morning jog, so please come appropriately attired for a short run and warm up.
  • You will be given an opportunity to change into your Dogi before the first class in the Dojo.
  • Bring your own snacks. We will have one break in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Do also bring your own lunch.
  • We suggest that you bring a water bottle filled with water, and not "pop" (soft drinks).
    Water is the best for thirst quenching.
  • For students who have your own Bokken and Jo, do bring them along.
  • Come prepared to participate in all the classes, games and activities.

I look forward to three exhilarating weeks of intense Aikido practice that will also include workshops for self-development and self-reflection.

See you in the Dojo.

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July / August Adult Fees

There is an error in the published fees in the Saanich Active Living Guide with regard to the Adult Aikido classes.

Instead of the published 8/$70, there is actually no change in the fees from what has been charged.

The fees remain as follows:

Tuesday 6-7pm class:                 8/$79
Wednesday 6:30-7:30am class: 8/$76
Thursday 6-7pm class:                8/$79

If you need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact me or the Gordon Head Recreation Centre.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

I am looking forward to training with you this summer.

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Class Schedules

Students who are in the following grade levels may enrol in the corresponding class(es).

If you are unable to make it for that class, do contact me and provisions will be made.
As far as possible, do try to enrol in the appropriate class to reap the best benefit from that class:

Grade Level
Beginner and 12kyu Orange Belt
11kyu Green Belt, 10kyu Red Belt,
9kyu Blue Belt, 8kyu Blue Belt
Beginner and 12kyu Orange Belt
9kyu Blue Belt and above

If you are 16 years and above, do consider enrolling in the Tuesday and/or Thursday Adult classes.

If you wish to also enrol in the 4pm classes to continue improving on your basic techniques, you are more than welcome to join us then.

Gordon Head Rec Ctr

Scheduled classes at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre:

Summer Cycle (8 classes)

Jul 3
Jul 10
Jul 17
Jul 24
Jul 31
Aug 7
Aug 14
Aug 21
Jul 4
Jul 11
Jul 18
Jul 25
Aug 1
Aug 8
Aug 15
Aug 22
Jul 5
Jul 12
Jul 19
Jul 26
Aug 2
Aug 9
Aug 16
Aug 23
Jul 6
Jul 13
Jul 20
Jul 27
Aug 3
Aug 10
Aug 17
Aug 24


Mixed Levels
Tuesday & Thursday
6 - 7pm
Thursday & Friday
4 - 5pm
5 - 6pm
5 - 6pm
6:30 - 7:30am

Juan de Fuca Rec Ctr

Scheduled classes at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre:

Summer Cycle (7 classes)

Jul 9
Jul 16
Jul 23
Jul 30
Aug 6
Aug 13
Aug 20
Aug 27

Aug 6 is a holiday: BC Day

Autumn Cycle
Autumn Cycle
Winter Cycle
Spring Cycle
Spring Cycle
Summer Cycle

The recreation centre requires that all students be accounted for from the first lesson of each cycle.

As our Aikido programme is on-going, members of our dojo are encouraged to pre-registered for each new cycle.

Currently, students are reminded to register for each new cycle two weeks before the end of each cycle.
Typically, a cycle lasts two months, with Grading Tests four times a year.

Students are required to practice at least 20hours for 12kyu to 9kyu, 30hours for 8kyu to 6kyu, 40hours for 5kyu, 50hours for 4kyu and 3kyu, 60hours for 2kyu and 70hours for 1kyu.

Post-dated cheques may be submitted to me or Mrs. Oei (Kathy).
The cheques are to be made payable to "Corporation of the District of Saanich".

Register at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre reception counter, or online at http://recreation.saanich.ca/reconline/Start/

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