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Summer 2014
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Dear parents and students,

Thank you for such a wonderful 10th Anniversary Celebration at our 10th Annual Aikido Demonstration and Potluck! It was an excellent turn-out! I do hope you all had an enjoyable Saturday morning, and your fill of fabulous food from all our students and parents. Thanks to all the parents and students who came early to set-up and who stayed back to clear up. You make up the dojo, and have made it possible for Ueshiba Aikido Victoria to grow and last these 10 years. Thank you!

And after 10 years of talking about it, we finally went on our first visit to the World Aikido Headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. It was an awesome trip! I'm so glad it was a success... and those who went would like to go again. The next trip will be in 2016 and we already have about 15 people looking forward to it and saving for it.
Here are the photos: http://members.shaw.ca/rafael.oei/HombuDojo2014.html

Thank you, also, for all your gifts and well wishes. My family and I appreciate each and every one of them. It was such a lovely surprise, also, to receive the Tozando Dogi, the 10th Anniversary Scroll and the luggage! Thank you so much for your contributions and support... wow... And thank you, Barbi and Aimee Gillam for such a beautifully magnificent birthday cake! Just beautiful!

Thanks also to the Deshi, students, Nicole and Mrs Oei who pulled it all together. I think it may be one of our best gatherings to date.

I'll upload the photos to the UAV website as soon as I return from Orlando, Florida.

Classes in July

During the summer, there will only be classes in July before we take a summer break in August.
Here is the information:

School Age
Beginner 8-15yrs
597704 Tu Jul 08-Jul 29 5:00pm- 6:00pm 4/$45
597705 Th Jul 03-Jul 24 4:00pm- 5:00pm 4/$45
597706 F Jul 04-Jul 25 4:00pm- 5:00pm 4/$45
597709 Sa Jul 05-Jul 26 9:00am- 10:00am 4/$45

Intermediate 8-15yrs
597707 Th Jul 03-Jul 24 5:00pm- 6:00pm 4/$45
597708 F Jul 04-Jul 25 5:00pm- 6:00pm 4/$45

Aikido for kids 5-7yrs old
597710 Sa Jul 05-Jul 26 10am-10:45am 4/$41
597711 Sa Jul 05-Jul 26 11am-11:45am 4/$41

Aikido Adult - Mixed Levels
597712 Tu Jul 08-Jul 29 6:00pm- 7:00pm 4/$49
597713 Th Jul 03-Jul 24 6:00pm- 7:00pm 4/$49

Class for 3rd Kyu and Above
597714 M Jul 07-28 6:15pm- 7:15pm 4/$40

There will only be one Aikido Warriors Camp this year.
597418 M-F Jul 14-18 9:00am- 4:00pm 5/$165

After August, classes will resume again from Monday 8 September.
Please register for the Fall classes as soon as registration opens.

That is it for now.

Thank you, once again, for such a wonderful and fruitful year of Aikido; and 10 years of Aikido practice for Ueshiba Aikido Victoria. We appreciate and are grateful for such a fine community you are, and for all the support and encouragement we have received over the years. We wouldn't be here without you. Thank you all!

As always, do visit our website (or FaceBook pages) and check our Notices for information and updates. To keep our database current, please inform us if you have a change of address, new email, or new contact numbers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Be safe, enjoy the sun, and we'll see you in the Dojo.

Have a most enjoyable Summer.

With peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria
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