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Autumn 2006
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Dear parents & students,

Thank you for very much for an excellent Summer! All too soon, it is Fall, and we prepare for school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year once again.

Thank you for another successful run of the weeklong Aikido Warriors' Camps. This year, we offered the camp twice: at the beginning of summer and the second run ended last week. Scheduling the camps this way enabled families to have their vacation while providing opportunities for the children to attend the camp either at the beginning or at the end of summer vacation. The camps were well attended, providing an introduction to Aikido for students unfamiliar with Aikido, and some extended practice for present students to improve themselves. With the success of the warrior camps this year, we will probably keep this summer schedule - with an addition of an intermediate level camp strictly for present students. I have yet to dream up a title for that camp. There have been requests that the camp be provided for adults over a weekend: Friday to Sunday. We will study its feasibility.

Heartfelt grateful thanks to the staff of Gordon Head Recreation Centre for providing excellent support for the Aikido programmes throughout the summer.

With the new school year, Gordon Head School begins life as a middle school. I look forward to an exciting year ahead at the school, with the new Aikido student committee led by president Ms Ciara Johnston. I wish them all the very best, and remind them to keep Principal Mr Kelly and myself informed of all meetings and activities.

New to this term, also, is the introduction of a morning class on Wednesdays beginning September 6. The session will begin at 6:30am and will end at 7:30am, with ample time to freshen and shower before going to the office or to school.

I wish our young students a good school semester and success with your studies; and a prosperous and successful season to parents and our adult members.

In harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.

Ueshiba Aikido (Victoria)

in this issue
Autumn Cycle Dates
Name Engraving Service
Regular Classes & Registration
Grading Results

Founder of Aikido
Morihei Ueshiba
O Sensei

Autumn Cycle Dates

Scheduled classes at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre:

Autumn Cycle I (8 classes)

Aug 29
Sept 5
Sept 12
Sept 19
Sept 26
Oct 3
Oct 10
Oct 17
Sept 6
Sept 13
Sept 20
Sept 27
Oct 4
Oct 11
Oct 18
Aug 31
Sept 7
Sept 14
Sept 21
Sept 28
Oct 5
Oct 12
Oct 19
Sept 1
Sept 8
Sept 15
Sept 22
Sept 29
Oct 6
Oct 13
Oct 20

Autumn Cycle II (7 classes)

Oct 24
Oct 31
Nov 7
Nov 14
Nov 21
Nov 28
Dec 5
Oct 25
Nov 1
Nov 8
Nov 15
Nov 22
Nov 29
Dec 6
Oct 26
Nov 2
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23
Nov 30
Dec 7
Oct 27
Nov 3
Nov 10
Nov 17
Nov 24
Dec 1
Dec 8


Mixed Levels
Tuesday & Thursday
6 - 7pm
Thursday & Friday
4 - 5pm
5 - 6pm
5 - 6pm
6:30 - 7:30am

See you in the dojo!

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Name Engraving Service

There has been some concern about weapons being mixed with the class inventory, whenever we conduct weapons practice during regular classes.

As part of our service, we are offering to bring one load of weapons to the engraver, if you wish to have your weapon(s) engraved with your name. This is NOT compulsory.

Bringing all the weapons in at one go will save costs on "set up fees" - which will be changed if each weapon were to be brought to the engraver individually.

If you wish to have your name engraved on your weapon, please leave your weapon with us, along with the exact name you would like engraved on the weapon. Samples can be seen in the dojo as some students have already had their names engraved on their bokken. The cost for the engraving is about $18.

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Regular Classes and Registration

Autumn Cycle
Autumn Cycle
Winter Cycle
Spring Cycle
Spring Cycle
Summer Cycle

The recreation centre requires that all students be accounted for from the first lesson of each cycle.
To comply with this, and as our Aikido programme is on-going, all members of our dojo will be pre-registered for each new cycle.

If you wish to discontinue studying Aikido with us, please send us an email before your class day.

Alternatively, post-dated cheques may be submitted to me or Mrs. Oei (Kathy).
The cheques are to be made payable to "Corporation of the District of Saanich".
These will be handed over to the centre's Programme Director.

Currently, students are reminded to register for each new cycle two weeks before the end of each cycle.
Typically, a cycle lasts two months, with Grading Tests four times a year.

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Grading Results

Congratulations to our students!

Gordon Head Recreation Centre Aikido Classes

Promoted to 11 Kyu
Maxwell Branyik
Ross Clifford
Yasmine Forghanisoong
Sean Oei
Promoted to 10 Kyu
Nicholas Glover
Andrew Xie
Ian Weber
Promoted to 9 Kyu
Jade Fang
Promoted to 6 Kyu
Mark Balovnev
Mitchell Gaucher
Promoted to 6 Kyu
Afzal Suleman

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