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Autumn 2012
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Dear parents and students,

Welcome back returning students and welcome, new families to our Dojo. It is really wonderful to see you at the Dojo again.

More families are registering on the year-long option, which actually helps with the transition between class cycles as the recreation centre is now aware how many students are enrolled in our weekly classes. As is the practice, do let me know if you are unable to make it for any of your regular registered classes and we can arrange for you to make up for that class during one of the other classes in the week.

Class dates for the Winter Session are now up, do check our Notices webpage for updates.

Thank you for your generosity and for supporting the Japan Trip Fund. The Hombu Dojo Japan Trip Fund now stands at $173. Funds collected will go into subsidising any trips we may take to visit the Aikido World Headquarters in Japan. The next trip is scheduled to take place in May of 2014. We have an account with the Bottle Depot to contribute to the fund as well. To support the fund, the next time you deposit your used bottles just say it is for "Ueshiba Aikido".

The Aiki-Jo web pages have been updated with video recordings of me performing the Jo Katas and Suburis. I hope that you will find them clearer and more useful than the little animated figures.

Please inform us if your contact information has changed so that our database can be updated, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

In the coming week, I will be handing out Grading Forms to students invited to grade at the next test which will occur on the week of October 29. Forms are to be filled out by the students themselves (it's good practice) and handed back to me the following week (of the 15th of October) along with the Grading Fees.

Please note: Even if your card is fully stamped, you will not be invited to be tested if you are not ready to face your next round of tests. It is not enough to know the techniques and movements, and to perform them well. I note your behaviour in the Dojo, around other students, your friends, in school and even at home. Yes, your parents do share how you are outside the Dojo with us as well. That is the practice of Aikido; attitude, skills and knowledge not just in the Dojo but especially in your daily life. So if you have not been invited to grade, even though you fulfilled your hours, reflect on why that may be. On the other hand, even if you have not fulfilled your hours, you will be invited to test if I find you are ready.

For new parents to our dojo, sometimes it may look as though I am not helping a student who seems to be struggling with a movement or technique. Students are normally left to attempt the techniques on their own first, to make mistakes and to explore these with their partner. Students have to work at always being a good partner to one another. The word "dojo" literally means place of the way, a sacred space where enlightenment can be sort through various personal observances and practices. The Dojo is a safe environment and space to practice without criticism or fear of ridicule. The student works within this space to attain competence in the Way. This then translates into application in one's daily life beyond the dojo.

Self-discovery and self-realisation are the intent as lessons learned this way stay etched in one's being. This develops self-reliance and self-confidence in the movements and techniques. By extension, Grading Tests serve to help students gauge themselves as they perform each technique on their own; practising at being self-reliant, resourcefully negotiating through each attack. With each progressive level, students will develop the ability to calmly and confidently respond appropriately to any confrontation on their own: even if it means talking it out or walking away.

Each class is a process of self-discovery. So if you are early for class, do spend some quiet time to focus and mentally prepare yourself. You may sit quietly and slowly take deep breaths, feeling each breath as it enters through your nose and flows to your centre, calmly feeling the energy surrounding you.

It has been a most enriching journey so far, and I am ever grateful for your interest and dedication to the practice of Aikido. As we approach another long weekend of festivities once again, I wish you a most meaningful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria
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