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Autumn 2018
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Dear parents and students,

Welcome back to the Dojo! A big warm welcome to all the new students and their families too!

This year we return to a smaller class schedule. The 4pm Beginners' Classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays that we have had for many years has been subsumed into the 5pm class, which is now a mixed level class. The 11am class on Saturdays for students under 7 years is also taking a break - leaving only two classes on Saturdays, the 9am mixed-level class for youth who are 8 years and above, and the 10am class for children under 7 years of age. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification about anything pertaining to Aikido and our dojo.

It truly is good to be back in the dojo. As we continue to improve on taking good ukemi, the fundamentals of basic movement, technique, and discipline will continue to be reinforced during practice to fine-tune one's alertness, flexibility, and sensitivity. In the spirit of Aiki, I would encourage students to introduce and interact with the newer or younger students while waiting for class to begin. Being in a new environment with unfamiliar observances can feel intimidating and confusing, as you may have felt when you first joined the dojo. Help the newer and younger students ease into their practice by that first kind "hello" and friendly introduction, "hi, I am..."

Information for the Autumn classes can be found on our website under "Notices".  Please remember to register ahead as under Saanich policy, students who are not registered are not allowed to attend classes due to insurance liabilities. Perhaps consider signing up for the year-long programme. 

Do check our Notices for information and updates, and to keep our database current, please inform us if you have a change of address, new email, or new contact numbers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

For your convenience, here is a calendar you can print and put up on the fridge.

Here's to another most excellent, enriching, and meaningful year of practice!

See you in the Dojo!

With peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei

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