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Winter 2005
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Dear students and friends,

Compliments of the Season!
I trust you had a wonderful New Year.

It was a marvelous November/December, concluding with our first ever mini-demo and potluck. The event was such a success that we will work toward organising another at the end of this year as well. Thank you for bringing such wonderful treats and sumptuous dishes. Your kind attendance, bringing your friends and family, truly contributed to the festive and very warm harmonious family-like gathering. Appreciation goes out, especially, to the Browns, the Webbers, the Nussbaumers, Karen Trimmer, Aleena Bond, and all the students who helped with the set up and clean up. Photos from the event will be posted on the Ueshiba Aikido website soon.

I apologise for this long overdue e-Newsletter, and missing e-Reflections over the past month.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my family and I decided to make our first trip back to Singapore, after three years, to visit our families. As it was a last minute decision, a day before the potluck, the only available return flight was the morning after the potluck: so that was exciting, packing overnight to make our flight in the morning. We truly appreciate your understanding. Gordon Head Recreation had indicated that they would make arrangements to either reimburse or credit our students for the classes missed that final week.

It has been an exciting 2005, watching all of you mature as Aikido practitioners. There is so much more to learn and do. The learning goes both ways, and I hope I have enriched your lives as much as you have enriched mine.

This Spring break, there will be a day-long workshop on the art of Ukemi. This workshop is only open to kyu grade students as more than a basic understanding of Aikido is needed in order to fully benefit from the workshop.
I am looking forward to the workshop, and hope that you are too.

Here is to another fruitful and enriching year of Aikido!

In harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.

Ueshiba Aikido (Victoria)

in this issue
New Classes
One Day Aikido Workshop - Ukemi
Grading Tests
Visit to Singapore

Founder of Aikido
Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei

New Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays

If you are unable to attend Thursday classes and if children would like to come for another class during the week, we now have a class for adults on Tuesdays beginning at 6pm, and a class for children on Thursdays at 4pm.

Tuesday classes for adults: 6pm to 7pm.

Jan 3 - Feb 21 8 / $68 (# 184199)
Feb 28 - Apr 18 8 / $68 (# 184200)
Apr 25 - Jun 13 8 / $68 (# 184201)

Thursday classes for children: 4pm to 5pm

Jan 5 - Feb 23 8 / $68 (# 185828)
Mar 2 - Apr 20 8 / $68 (# 185829)

Please register with the Gordon Head Recreation Centre, Tel: 475-7100,
or register online http://www.saanich.ca (RecOnline) and quote the ID number.

Regular classes remain on Thursdays at 5:15pm for adults, and 4pm and 5pm on Fridays for children.
If you have not renewed your registration for the classes, please do so at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre reception counter as soon as possible.

See you in the Dojo!

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One Day Aikido Workshop - Ukemi

Spend a day exploring the dynamics of Ukemi, the art of receiving and falling - essential in the practice of Aikido.

Emphasis will be on maintaining balance while taking ukemi to enhance the practical experience for both Tori (performer) and Uke (attacker/receiver) during unarmed and weapon techniques.

Students who wish to enrol for this one day workshop must have a kyu grade (orange belt and above) to attend.
The workshop will be limited to 20 students.

Please register with the Gordon Head Recreation Centre, Tel: 475-7100,
or register online http://www.saanich.ca (RecOnline) and quote the ID number.

Mar 16 (9am - 4pm) $25 (# 186178)

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Grading Tests

Grading Tests are conducted three times a year, in October, February and June.

Students who are ready and eligible for grading will be invited to sit for the test.

The next grading will be:

Beginners: Thursday 16 February and Friday 17 February 2006 during the 4pm class.

Intermediate: Friday 17 February 2006 during the 5pm class.

All levels: Tuesday 14 February and Thursday 16 February 2006 during the classes.

No video recording or photography will be allowed during Grading Tests.

For the syllabus, click the Grading Structure link above.

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Visit to Singapore

Our first trip back to Singapore was most pleasant. I was fortunate to arrive in time for a weeklong seminar conducted by my sensei, George Chang Shihan.

Being a student once again was most refreshing.
I was very touched by my old students - seeing how they have matured and grown as Aikido students.

I was unable to take photographs during the classes, but as soon as I receive some group photographs from my sensei, I will post it on the website.

My sensei was most gracious, and before leaving, we had a meal together to celebrate our visit. Here we are after a most delicious meal. There is nothing like Singapore food.

Photo with Sensei

Both my sensei and students are looking forward to a visit to our dojo in Victoria. It is my intention to one day have them visit us and train with my students here. Perhaps after we establish a more permanent dojo.

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Let Me Tell You About My Aikido Class is a simple introduction to Aikido that I wrote for early readers.

Colourfully illustrated, children are introduced to some of the basic movements and techniques in Aikido.

The book is available at Bolen Books (Hillside Mall) and Kata Trading (Herald Street).

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