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Winter 2006
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Dear parents & students,

It is interesting how nostalgic the Christmas season can make one feel. Reflecting during this season, it transports us back to a time when things may have seemed more magical. As we journey through life, sometimes, we can't see the wood for the trees; trudging along, believing and trusting. Vision, however, is always perfect on hindsight. The magic actually stays with us throughout our life. Once in awhile, we catch a glimpse of its presence. Looking back, we realise that everything did fall into place, exactly where it should be, even though it may have been painful at the time. Let the memories reassure us of our hopes and dreams, and propel us forward.

New in the Fall cycle, the Wednesday morning Aikido classes have been successful; the invigorating morning air adding that little something to the practice. What an excellent start to the day. Thank you for making the time. Congratulations, also, to our students who survived another grading; particularly the 5kyu students, who received their first taste of higher level testing. It is going to get more challenging.

All too soon, we approach the holiday season again. Our present cycle ends on Friday, 8 December.
If you wish to pre-register, do hand me the cheques by that week. Otherwise, do feel free to register, from December 6, for the January cycle at the reception counter.

There are also two important announcements in this newsletter, so do take note.

Until then, do have a safe holiday season, and see you in January, beginning Monday January 8, 2007.

Have a Meaningful Christmas, and a Joyous New Year!

In harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.

Ueshiba Aikido (Victoria)

in this issue
Juan de Fuca Rec Ctr in 2007
$2/$3 increase at Gordon Head Rec
Pro-D Day Workshops
Winter/Spring Cycle Dates
Grading Results

Founder of Aikido
Morihei Ueshiba
O Sensei

Juan de Fuca Rec Ctr in 2007

Good news! If you know anyone who lives in the western communities, and is interested or curious about Aikido, do pass the word on.

From Monday January 8, we will begin Aikido classes at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Galleon Room. Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre is located at 1767 Island Highway.
Telephone number: 478-8384 (reception)

Classes will be on Mondays:
- 5 to 6pm for 8 to 15yrs
- 6 to 7pm for adults

Scheduled classes at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre:

Winter Cycle (8 classes)

Jan 8
Jan 15
Jan 22
Jan 29
Feb 5
Feb 12
Feb 19
Feb 26

Spring Cycle (8 classes)

Mar 5
Mar 12
Mar 19
Mar 26
Apr 2
Apr 16
Apr 23
Apr 30

No class on Easter Monday, April 9 2007.

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$2/$3 increase at Gordon Head Rec Ctr

Important news from the Corporation of the District of Saanich.

The district has informed us that they are increasing all programme fees by about 3%, across the board. This is in line with an increase in the Marketing Budget, for the marketing and publicity of Saanich recreation programmes.

So from the coming cycle, in January 2007, the increase for both adult and children classes will be about $3.

The fees from January will be:

Kid's classes: $70 (8 classes), $61 (7 classes)
Adult's classes (including Taxes): $79 (8 classes), $69 (7 classes)

Your understanding in this is greatly appreciated.

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Pro-D Day Workshops

Over the years, we have been asked about running programmes during Pro-D Days.

After consulting with the Youth Programmer at Gordon Head Recreation Centre, we are now able to offer one-day Aikido workshop/seminars on Pro-D Days.

While this may not be held on every Pro-D Day, we will certainly run these classes whenever we are able.

Here are the Winter and Spring dates for Pro-D Day workshops at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre:

9am to 4pm
9am to 4pm
9am to 4pm
9am to 4pm

Do remember to bring along your own bokken and jo, if you have them.

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Winter/Spring Cycle Dates

Scheduled classes at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre:

Winter Cycle (8 classes)

Jan 9
Jan 16
Jan 23
Jan 30
Feb 6
Feb 13
Feb 20
Feb 27
Jan 10
Jan 17
Jan 24
Jan 31
Feb 7
Feb 14
Feb 21
Feb 28
Jan 11
Jan 18
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Feb 15
Feb 22
Mar 1
Jan 12
Jan 19
Jan 26
Feb 2
Feb 9
Feb 16
Feb 23
Mar 2

Spring Cycle (8 classes: 7 classes for Friday)

Mar 6
Mar 13
Mar 20
Mar 27
Apr 3
Apr 10
Apr 17
Apr 24
Mar 7
Mar 14
Mar 21
Mar 28
Apr 4
Apr 11
Apr 18
Apr 25
Mar 8
Mar 15
Mar 22
Mar 29
Apr 5
Apr 12
Apr 19
Apr 26
Mar 9
Mar 16
Mar 23
Mar 30
Good Fri
Apr 13
Apr 20
Apr 27


Mixed Levels
Tuesday & Thursday
6 - 7pm
Thursday & Friday
4 - 5pm
5 - 6pm
5 - 6pm
6:30 - 7:30am


Autumn Cycle
Autumn Cycle
Winter Cycle
Spring Cycle
Spring Cycle
Summer Cycle

From January 2007, students in the adult classes, please sign or mark yourself present on the attendance sheet as you enter the Dojo. The recreation centre requires that all students be accounted for from the first lesson of each cycle.

As our Aikido programme is on-going, members of our dojo are encouraged to pre-registered for each new cycle.

Post-dated cheques may be submitted to me or Mrs. Oei (Kathy).
The cheques are to be made payable to "Corporation of the District of Saanich".

Currently, students are reminded to register for each new cycle two weeks before the end of each cycle.
Typically, a cycle lasts two months, with Grading Tests four times a year.

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Grading Results

Congratulations to our students!

Gordon Head Recreation Centre Aikido Classes

Promoted to 12 Kyu
Robin Goring
Niv Hack
Nicolas Sunderland Baker
Julia Sunderland Baker
Promoted to 11 Kyu
Sami Jabri
Branden Lucas
Connor McRae
Ariyan Suleman
Promoted to 10 Kyu
Alex Bond
Bae Dawson
James Gray
Cameron McFarlane
Toby Ng
Adam Willing
Paul Roth
Promoted to 9 Kyu
Jasmine Liu
Celeste Nussbaumer
Promoted to 7 Kyu
Andrew Sharon
Promoted to 6 Kyu
Malcolm McLaren
Matthew McLaren
Promoted to 5 Kyu
Mark Balovnev
Ciara Johnston
Sharon Lam
Nicole Oei
Christoffer Bjorklund
Kathleen Doyle
Theresa Doyle
Ciara Doyle-Waters
Mitchell Gaucher
Adrian Watt

Next grading: 23 & 24 February, 2007

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