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Winter 2008
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Dear students and parents,

As another year comes to a close, we look back on all the wonderful memories, and appreciate the blessings we received throughout the year. Thank you so much for a most excellent Autumn semester.

We reached another milestone at Ueshiba Aikido, Victoria, as classes closed for the Christmas vacation. Three students were presented with the level of 2nd Kyu Black Belt. Congratulations to Nicole Oei, Mitchell Gaucher, and Mark Balovnev. The results have been posted on the Notices page of the website. Congratulations to all our students. I appreciate your dedication to practice. Keep it up.

The Fall class cycles also saw the addition of Aikido classes for 5 to 7 year olds on Saturdays, at 11:15am. Thank you so much for your interest in those classes. We look forward to an exciting year ahead as the children grow and advance on the path of peace.

I also had a successful visit to Aikikai Hombu Dojo, Japan, with my Sensei in May 2008. Plans are underway to explore the possibility of bringing a small group of intermediate and senior students on the next visit to Hombu Dojo in 2010. These students will be selected by me, and we will keep the group small.

As we recover from being the city that experienced the heaviest snowfall within Canada this Winter, we prepare for a new term at school, and look forward to more Aikido practice at the Dojo.  Please remember to register ahead for each class cycle in the coming year, to ensure that the Attendance lists are current and up-to-date.

My family and I appreciate all your kind wishes over this holiday season, and look forward to a meaningful and joyful New Year with all of you.

See you in the Dojo.

With peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido (Victoria)

in this issue
Pro-D Day Aikido Workshops
Aikido for the young

Ueshiba Aikido Golf/Polo shirts
Class Schedule

Founder of Aikido
Morihei Ueshiba
O Sensei

Pro-D Day Aikido Workshops

Pro-D Day Aikido Workshops will continue with an Aiki-Jo workshop in February.
We will explore Jo-basics, review two 31 Jo Katas, practice Jo Dori, and Kumi-Jo.

The workshops will be held at Gordon Head Middle School, from 9am on the following dates.

Aiki-Jo Workshop
Fri 20 Feb 2009
9am to 12noon
Aiki-Ken Workshop
Fri 17 Apr 2009
9am to 12noon
Tachi & Jo Dori Workshop
Fri 15 May 2009
9am to 12noon

ToPics for each workshop are subject to change. If you have your own weapons, please bring them along; especially for the Jo & Bokken workshops.

If you wish to sign up for the workshops, do register at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre reception counter, or online at http://recreation.saanich.ca/reconline/Start/

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Aikido for the young

Aikido classes for the 5 to 7 year olds continue from Saturday, January 10, from 11:15am to 12noon.

Classes will be at the Gordon Head Middle School Dance Studio.
As space is limited, do sign up soon if you are interested. Classes will be limited to only 10 students.

Winter/Spring Cycle I
Code no: 281595 (8 classes/$53)


Jan 10

Jan 17

Jan 24

Jan 31

Feb 7

Feb 14

Feb 21

Feb 28

Winter/Spring Cycle II
Code no: 281596 (7 classes/$47)


Mar 7

Mar 14

Mar 21

Mar 28

Apr 4

Apr 11

Apr 18

Apr 25

Shaded block : No class

Do register at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre reception counter,
or online at http://recreation.saanich.ca/reconline/Start/

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at 818-0284, or email me at rafoei@shaw.ca.

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Ueshiba Aikido Golf/Polo Shirts

A series of shirts, jackets and hoodies (for the younger students) are now available.

These are in black with the (kanji) characters "Aikido" embroidered in gold on the left or right chest, and the words "Ueshiba Aikido, Victoria BC" embroidered on the sleeve.

Golf/polo shirt: $30.
Hoodie: $48.
Jacket is $70.

Golf/polo shirt: $28.
Hoodie: $40.

There are also UAV T-shirts ($15) available, with original art by Rafael Oei Sensei.

You may view the shirts, jackets and hoodies on the website, or catch those who have already purchased their own.

If you are interested to order, please see Mrs Oei or send me an email.

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Class Schedules

Gordon Head Rec Ctr

Scheduled classes at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre:

Winter/Spring Cycle I (8 classes)
Children's classes (8/$70)
Adult's classes (8/$79)


Jan 6

Jan 13

Jan 20

Jan 27

Feb 3

Feb 10

Feb 17

Feb 24


Jan 7

Jan 14

Jan 21

Jan 28

Feb 4

Feb 11

Feb 18

Feb 25


Jan 8

Jan 15

Jan 22

Jan 29

Feb 5

Feb 12

Feb 19

Feb 26


Jan 9

Jan 16

Jan 23

Jan 30

Feb 6

Feb 13

Feb 20

Feb 27

Highlighted blocks : Grading Week

Winter/Spring Cycle II (7 classes)
Children's classes (7/$62)
Adult's classes (7/$69)


Mar 3

Mar 10

Mar 17

Mar 24

Mar 31

Apr 7

Apr 14

Apr 21


Mar 4

Mar 11

Mar 18

Mar 25

Apr 1

Apr 8

Apr 15

Apr 22


Mar 5

Mar 12

Mar 19

Mar 26

Apr 2

Apr 9

Apr 16

Apr 23


Mar 6

Mar 13

Mar 20

Mar 27

Apr 3

Apr 10

Apr 17

Apr 24

Shaded blocks : No classes (Holy Week - Through Good Friday and Easter)

Mixed Levels
Tuesday & Thursday
6 - 7pm
Thursday & Friday
4 - 5pm
5 - 6pm
5 - 6pm

Students who are in the following grade levels may enrol in the corresponding class(es).

If you are unable to make it for that class, do contact me and provisions will be made.
As far as possible, do try to enrol in the appropriate class to reap the best benefit from that class:

Grade Level
Beginner and 12kyu Orange Belt
11kyu Green Belt, 10kyu Red Belt,
9kyu Blue Belt, 8kyu Blue Belt
Beginner and 12kyu Orange Belt
9kyu Blue Belt and above

If you are 16 years and above, do consider enrolling in the Tuesday and/or Thursday Adult classes.

If you wish to also enrol in the 4pm classes to continue improving on your basic techniques, you are more than welcome to join us then.

Gordon Head Middle School

Aikido classes at Gordon Head Middle School will continue in the coming Fall,
during lunch break on Mondays. Grateful thanks to Gordon Head Principal, Mr Kelly,
for his continued support of providing this programme for his students.


Autumn Cycle
Autumn Cycle
Winter Cycle
Spring Cycle
Spring Cycle
Summer Cycle

The recreation centre requires that all students be accounted for from the first lesson of each cycle.

As our Aikido programme is on-going, members of our dojo are encouraged to pre-registered for each new cycle.

Currently, students are reminded to register for each new cycle two weeks before the end of each cycle.
Typically, a cycle lasts two months. This year, there will only be three Grading Tests.

Post-dated cheques may be submitted to me or Mrs. Oei (Kathy).
The cheques are to be made payable to "Corporation of the District of Saanich".

Register at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre reception counter, or online at http://recreation.saanich.ca/reconline/Start/


Grading Tests

This year, there will be four Grading Tests;
in November, February, May, and August.

Please Note:

Students are required to practice at least:
20hours for 12kyu to 9kyu,
30hours for 8kyu to 6kyu,
for 5kyu,
for 4kyu and 3kyu,
for 2kyu
for 1kyu.

Practice hours, ideally, should be continuous uninterrupted practice. Hours are not cumulative over weeks or months of inactivity. This is necessary, as with all skills, to enable the student to refine and develop fluency in his/her knowledge, balance and technique in the art. If a student is absent for six months or more, the student will revert back to the level of white belt until the student demonstrates the ability to perform at his/her previous level.

Only students who are ready and eligible for grading will be invited to apply to be graded.

No video recording or photography will be allowed during Grading Tests.

Click here for the syllabus: Grading Structure.


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Rafael Oei Sensei . Voice: (250) 818-0284 . Email: rafoei@shaw.ca

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