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First Series of Pro-D Day Aikido Workshops
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Pro-D Day Aiki-Jo Workshop
Friday 16 February 2007

9am - 4pm

The first series of Pro-D Day Aikido workshops
began with a whole day of Aiki-Jo. This included
basic Jo hanmi, movements, thrusts and strikes,
and practising the 20 Jo Suburi, 31 Jo Kata, and
some Jo-Dori.


Ukemi Workshop
Wednesday 21 March 2007

9am - 4pm

With the success of the Ukemi Workshop last year,
we offered it once again during Spring Break
this year. The focus was on aspects of
being a good uke - the physical and mental preparation; receiving, following,
falling, rolling, taking breakfalls and koshinage.



Pro-D Day Aiki-Ken Workshop
Friday 20 April 2007

9am - 4pm

Focusing on different aspects of Aikido
during each workshop, this Pro-D workshop
brought students through basic Aiki-Ken etiquette
posture, thrusts, strikes, movements, ukemi,
the 7 Suburi, Tachi dori and partner practice.


Pro-D Day Aikido Workshop
Friday 18 May 2007

9am - 4pm

Our final workshop this academic year
reviewed what was covered
in previous Pro-D Day workshops:
Aiki-Jo, Aiki-Ken, and Ukemi principles.
Following through to the next level,
students were introduced to
armed and unarmed multiple attacks.




Thank you so much for such a marvelous turn out during our first series of Pro-D Day Aikido Workshops.
Your enthusiasm, and willing participation are appreciated.
With the success of this series, we will continue to offer the workshops
during the next school year, beginning in September.

See you in the Dojo!

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