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Pumpkin Patch Party 2008
Haunted House by Ueshiba Aikido Students
Gordon Head Recreation Centre

24 Oct 2008
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

It is Halloween again...

and at the annual Pumpkin Patch Party at Gordon Head Recreation Centre,
students of Ueshiba Aikido Victoria were given the opportunity
to participate in this community event.

Students rallied together, under the able leadership of Noah Rondeau,
to put together a Haunted House for the 3 to 5 year olds at the party.

Others volunteered to manage the activities at the auditorium
where the Pumpkin Patch Party was held.

Nicolas Sunderland-Baker did a wonderful job
animating ghosts and ghouls for the kids' play area.

Congratulations to everyone who volunteered their time
to help make this party a success.

Well done!

Preparing to give the kids a scare, in the spirit of fun.
Wait 'til they get to me!
Evil smiles...
All set!
Welcome!... Muah... Ha, ha, ha, ha....!
Lying in wait...
The ghoulish trail...

Meanwhile, some volunteered
to be at the auditorium to help
conduct fun activities for the children.

Pasting fun ...

Decorate the pumpkin...

Must get it ready...
Kids' play area. Thanks Nicolas...
... for doing a great job with the animation.
Queue here for the Haunted Maze
The Sign...
Wanna throw a ball through the pumpkin head?
The entrance to the Haunted trail...

Please come visit the Haunted House...
Here they come!




All too soon, it's over.
Leaving it better than it was...
Being responsible for our mess.
Working as a team...
Congratulations for working in harmony,
and for successfully bringing ghoulish fun to the young ones!

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