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April 05 , 2007

"Hug your children often, and tell them you love them."

Quote from a parent who lost a child over the weekend,
because the child forgot to bring along her allergy pen.

The quote above refers to living conscious responsible lives, and not taking anything for granted. It is a most important message to teenagers. It only takes one moment of carelessness and neglect, that may result in a fatal conclusion.

In Aikido, this translates to taking every class and every technique seriously. It may mean life or death in that crucial moment when you need to respond to an attack you never expected. It also means being mindful in observing proper etiquette and appropriate behaviour, as later in life its neglect may cost you your job, or the loss of meaningful relationships.

Aikido has changed the lives of many students. It has improved their attitude, outlook, stamina, dexterity, and self-confidence. It has also not made a change in many.

When I practice Aikido, it is a way to look inward; being aware of my posture, the extension of my arms and hands, and precise footwork to achieve good balance. These are almost a meditation for me. There is a purpose and reason in each movement, each turn, and each hold. The sincerity in my technique must match the sincerity in my observance of etiquette within the Dojo, and outside in the community. Begin well and end well. This applies to all techniques, and to life.

Often, when a student becomes too familiar with a technique, the execution becomes sloppy and out of sync with the attacker's energy flow. The same goes for familiarity; taking family and friends for granted, treating them badly, and thinking they will always be there.

In Aikido class, treat each attack as the first, and complete the technique as if it were the last - executed the best way you can, and with the respect it deserves. Practice all techniques equally well, and with the same commitment.

Similarly, in life, treat each moment and each meeting as the first, and the last - giving each the respect it deserves. You never know when you may never see them again.

Have a most meaningful and blessed Easter!

In peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
(© Copyright April 2007: Rafael Oei)

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