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Aug 24 , 2007

"Every time we say ‘NOW,’ the moment is  gone.”

(The students took a deep breath and responded  with:

Rafael Oei Sensei (From our Aikido Warriors’ Camp  2006/07)

I express my grateful thanks to you for making our Summer cycle so joyous and  enriching.

You have made both Aikido Warrior Camps (July 9-13 and  August 13-17) successful.

The Fall cycle begins on Tuesday, August 28,  for Gordon Head Recreation Centre and Monday, September 10, for classes at  Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre. Please register before your first class of  the new cycle.

As the season slowly transforms into golden autumn, we  are reminded that time is relentless.

The reflection I offer from the  quote above is a typical response to one of the many workshops during our  Aikido Warriors’ Camp, discussing and exploring the importance of being aware  of living in each present moment.  It is from a session on “KI,  Centredness and Discipline”.

Harnessing KI involves conscious focus on  the present moment.  Energy is generated from the seat of one’s centre at  the point below the navel, revolving from the waist and hips.   “Centredness” can also refer to the ability to remain composed, calm and  balanced in any situation.  Disciplined practice ties it all  together.

However, even the word “NOW” is meaningless because it can  never describe accurately what it refers to.  The moment you say “NOW”,  it is gone forever.  By attempting to prolong the word “Now”, taking a  deep breath and sustaining their delivery of the word “Now”, the camp students  ironically highlighted the elusiveness of the experience of the NOW.   Prolonging the word “Now” only illustrated that we live through a series  of “Now”-s.  With their cheeky delivery of “NOW”, it emphasised that  “NOW” does not really exist, and that when we ask that something be done  “Now”, that is impossible because the moment the word is uttered, it is in the  past and a memory.

For the true warrior, every moment is important.   Every moment is rich with possibility.  Every moment is filled with  choices.  Every moment creates and determines what follows next.   Knowing this, the true warrior orchestrates every moment with purposeful  intent.  No excuses, always responsible for each action and decision.   For the Aikidoist, it is always a conscious effort to respond  appropriately and in harmony to each moment, situation, environment, or life  purpose.

As we begin another academic year of Aikido classes, may each  movement, each gesture and each technique practised in class be consciously  executed

Thank you once again, and see you in the Dojo.

In peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
(© Copyright August 2007: Rafael Oei)

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