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Feb 27, 2007

"What are emotions? It is energy in motion."

I was reminded of this recently, and it was a timely reminder. Being caught up with life, sometimes we forget that life does not just happen to us. There is always a choice. And since we control our energy levels, we determine what sort of day we will have, not the other way around. We can decide in which direction our energy can be set in motion to: raise it up or lower it down, direct it outward or turn it inward. Have you noticed how what you project, whether in anger, sadness, depression (etc...), generally comes back, attracting situations and people that resonate with the same emotion back to you?

Raising one's energy levels, even when things seem difficult, takes discipline. It is knowing what to do at any given situation, regardless of the circumstance. It is being consciously aware of one's actions and behaviour, projecting only what is proper and necessary, at the time, to harmonise with the circumstance, situation or environment.

Directing, focussing and harnessing this energy is what we constantly work at, when practising the discipline and techniques of Aikido. Sitting, standing, communicating, bowing, throwing, locking or pinning: the attitude we project is also energy in motion - or even "harmony in motion." It makes the difference between reacting to a situation and responding to it. Reactions are often blind, whereas responding involves focussing one's energy into bringing the situation to a preferable and favourable solution.

So, what is your energy level today, and where is it directed?

In peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
(© Copyright February 2007: Rafael Oei)

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