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Jan 11, 2005

"Sumikiri - Perfect Clarity: focus on stillness rather than motion to master Aikido techniques."

Kisshomaru Ueshiba (2nd Doshu)

Much has happened since our last reflection. Much can happen in a moment. The lesson brings to mind the mortality and fragility of life. There is much yet to be done, and yet, there is much that can't be done. Our prayers and contributions go out in honour of the 150 thousand people who have perished, and still more who are missing.

Our reflection echoes a similar wisdom. Very often we are caught up with doing too much, and busying ourselves to the point of being harried. It is easy to forget to be STILL, for clarity of vision and thought is present in the calm mind. Like the eye of a tornado while destruction swirls around it. There comes a point when you will achieve much by doing little - when movement occurs within stillness.

In harmony
Rafael Oei Sensei.
(© Copyright January2005: Rafael Oei)

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