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July 11, 2004
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"To injure an opponent is to injure yourself.
To control aggression without inflicting injury
is the way of harmony."

O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

When engaged in a life and death situation, it is often easy to strike out to kill or to maim. My Sensei, Chang Shihan, always reminds us that we have a choice in every situation. If attacked, allow at least three opportunities for the attacker to change his/her mind. After the third attack, resolve the situation without hurting or injuring the attacker, if possible. Do not take away a person's means of livelihood by shattering their limbs, or a family's breadwinner by killing.

The highest achievement one may have in practising Aikido is to be able to apply technique without injuring the aggressor/attacker. Address and resolve the situation, or the attack, not the person. Approach any situation through peace and love, not aggression nor violence. Transcend the obvious and go within into the calm centre. Peace in the world begins within each of us first.
(Copyright July 2004: Rafael Oei)

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