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July 18, 2004
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"There are no secrets in Aikido."

Chang Shihan,
Ueshiba Aikido Singapore

It seems glamourous to be the most lethal and the best fighter: To be admired by your friends. Many children admire action movie and television stars who are able to take on opponents effortlessly, through deadly secret techniques. The reality of life is if you are looking for a fight, you will often find it. To develop this reputation is to also accept its consequences. As I journey deeper into Aikido, I have come to a point where I would rather not be involved in fights. This is from a realisation of how lethal Aikido techniques can be.

Students often wonder how to be a good Aikidoist, or a martial artist. Are there any secret techniques kept from the student? When I share Aikido in my classes, it is to improve the person from within. I do not train fighters. The irony is as the student develops a more caring, harmonious and peaceful nature while practising Aikido technique, a better martial artist he/she will become. The secret lies within the student; of how sincere he or she is in practice and through reflection on one's behaviour and principles. So as I share this quote with you, and as you reflect on it this week, I will end by saying that the secret to Aikido is in you.
(Copyright July 2004: Rafael Oei)

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