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July 23 , 2007

"In the Art of Peace we never attack.
An attack is proof that one is out of control."

O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

A very warm greeting to all on Summer vacation. I do hope you are well.

We had a very successful Aikido Warriors' Camp from 9 to 13 July. I express my appreciation to all who attended the camp - it was most enriching for me too. I look forward to the next camp in August.

My approach to sharing Aikido is in the development of one's self-awareness and conscious commitment to being responsible individuals. It may not be as evident during our regular weekly classes, but this is highlighted during our Warrior Camps because it is the fundamental base from which comes meaningful and purposeful training. Living purposefully, in appreciation and in service to improve the experience of life, would then be an extension of the conscious execution and application of Aikido technique during practice; as is the observance of Aikido etiquette (which is really a practice in demonstrating proper respect).

Practising a discipline like Aikido is an exercise in purposeful self-control.  An "attack" may be physical or verbal. It does not matter if it is in anger; justified or not. The collaborative nature of Aikido practice is often misinterpreted as being ineffective in the "real world". However, to be in harmony is to be aligned with all. And to be aligned with all negates the need to undermine or criticise another; in other words, the need to attack. The fact that there are no competitions in Aikido is in line with the philosophy of non-aggression. To compete is to determine a winner and a loser. Aikido is budo, a martial art. As a martial art, it is used to defend, and to resolve conflict, not to prolong or escalate it.

If we live consciously, in all our thoughts and actions, there is no excuse and no one to blame for one's lack of self-control. And so, if we journey on the path of peace and harmony, why would we attack?

In peace and harmony,
Rafael Oei Sensei.
(© Copyright July 2007: Rafael Oei)

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