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Oct 24, 2004

"The principle of the Way of Harmony is non-resistance.
Because it is non-resistant, it is victorious from the beginning."

Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei

From one celebration to another. Halloween approaches, and sometimes we forget that that day is the eve of All Saints Day on November 1 (all hallows' eve). While Aikido is not a religion, this quote is worth reflecting on in terms of what the life of the saints exemplified. They were humble, courageous people, leading lives of service and non-resistance to whatever life threw at them because they believed in a higher cause, a greater being and a divine purpose.

When there is non-resistance, there is no competition. To contradict is to resist. To accept allows the force to flow past and sometimes through. Aikido techniques always flow gracefully because the intent and force from the attacker is accepted and redirected. It brings to mind the phrase "Turn the other cheek". Reflect on how this can be achieved and see how it applies in your daily life in other situations; achieving peaceful resolutions.

In harmony
Rafael Oei Sensei.
(© Copyright October 2004: Rafael Oei)

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