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UAV's First Ukemi Camp
Gordon Head Recreation Centre
9am - 4pm: Thurs 16 March 2006
Facilitator: Rafael Oei Sensei.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria

Spring Break 2006 was special for 18 students.
Ueshiba Aikido Victoria held its first
Ukemi Camp for kyu grade students
between the ages of 8 to 16.

Ukemi is the art of receiving and taking falls.
It is an important component in the practice of
Aikido, as when executed properly,
it is a way of preventing injury to oneself by
flowing with an applied technique,
receiving the locks, and rolling from a throw.

Sculpture & Mirror Games

One of the attributes of being a good Uke
(the person performing Ukemi)
is in being able to follow, flow and receive
the performer's lead.

And so, after warming up, the students played
the Sculpture Game and the Mirror Game.

The students then went through basic techniques like.



... and Irimi Nage ...

... while also being introduced to
Ushiro Kubishime (the rear choke hold) ...

The morning sessions were spent
on basic movements and techniques.
Forward and backward rolls eventually evolved into
low forward and backward breakfalls.

After Lunch...

After lunch, the students were introduced to
more Ushiro techniques, while practising to move
and turn in harmony with the attacking force.

While practising in pairs, students performing ukemi,
continued to practice following Tori's
(the person executing the technique)
lead as smoothly as possible.

... and other Ushiro Ryote Dori techniques

There were opportunities for students to feel
the circulating energy projected in attacks,
and how to flow with it..

... into either a lock, or a roll.


Being the first Ukemi Camp...

Students were encouraged to remember what was
practised and to use them in their regular classes;
and not to be discouraged if they are not able to
follow, roll or fall confidently yet.

Introduction to Koshi Nage (the hip throw) ...

To introduce the feeling of throwing someone off
one's back or hip, we began by learning how to do
the Fireman's Lift, for the experience
of bearing someone's weight.

This was followed by the
Fireman's Lift Game ...

Students who thought they could not
carry their friends actually succeeded
in carrying them.

So now they also know how to use the Fireman's Lift.

Koshi Nage basics...

The students then practised
balancing their partner over their hip.

And while camp participants did not actually
perform Koshi Nage techniques
to throw their partners off their hips ...

... they did perform techniques that can lead to a hip throw.
During the camp, however, students just rolled off
from the throw.


Learning to "take Ukemi" is always rigorous training.
At the end of the day, everyone was happy that they survived their first Ukemi Camp.


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