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Aikido is a non-aggressive Japanese martial art also known as ‘the Way of Harmony’. To find out more, please click on the menu above, or the links below.

Classes are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 15 for one 7 class cycle.
Click here to access the online registration at Saanich

Students are encouraged to wash their hands before class.
Practice will mostly be with weapons to observe the distance requirement.
Please bring your own Jo and Bokken if you have them.
The dojo and weapons will be sanitized after each class.


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BOOK: Basic Steps To Aikido

Affiliated to Ueshiba Aikido Association Singapore
[Recognised by the Aikikai Foundation, Aikikai Hombu Dojo, Japan]

The Victoria Dojo is at the Bert Richman Building

Gordon Head Recreation Centre, Lambrick Park, Victoria BC.

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