20 Jo Suburi

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1st Jo Suburi
Choku-tsuki (Basic thrust)

2nd Jo Suburi
Kaeshi-tsuki (Circular thrust)

3rd Jo Suburi
Ushiro-tsuki (Straight thrust to the rear)

4th Jo Suburi
Tsuki Gedan-gaeshi (Thrust with a low sweep)

5th Jo Suburi
Tsuki Jodan-gaeshi (Thrust with a high strike)

6th Jo Suburi
Shomen Ushi Komi

7th Jo Suburi
Renzoku Uchi Komi
(Continuous multiple strikes)

8th Jo Suburi
Men Uchi Gedan-gaeshi
(Front strike with a low sweep)

9th Jo Suburi
Men Uchi Ushiro Tsuki
(Front strike to a straight thrust to the rear)

10th Jo Suburi
Gyaku Yokomen Ushiro Tsuki
(Opposite diagonal strike and right rear thrust)


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11th Jo Suburi
Katate Gedan-gaeshi
(Low rising swing like an upper cut to the jaw)

12th Jo Suburi
Toma Katate Uchi
(Far reaching sweeping strike, in an arc)

13th Jo Suburi
Katate Hachi-no-ji-gaeshi

14th Jo Suburi
Hasso-gaeshi Uchi
(Strike from a shoulder stance)

15th Jo Suburi
Hasso-gaeshi Tsuki
(Thrust from a shoulder stance)

16th Jo Suburi
Hasso-gaeshi Ushiro-tsuki
(Rear thrust from a shoulder stance)

17th Jo Suburi
Hasso-gaeshi Ushiro-uchi
(Rear strike from a shoulder stance)

18th Jo Suburi
Hasso-gaeshi Ushiro-harai
(Circular sweep from a shoulder stance)

19th Jo Suburi
Hidari Nagare-gaeshi-uchi
(Continuous front to rear strike,
pivoting to the left)

20th Jo Suburi
Migi Nagare-gaeshi-tsuki
(Continuous front strike to rear thrust,
pivoting to the right)

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