Class Schedule

Bert Richman Building
Gordon Head Recreation Centre

5 pm : Youth Class : Mixed Levels
6 pm : Adults' Class : Mixed Levels

5 pm : Youth Class : Mixed Levels
6 pm : Adults' Class : Mixed Levels

Class Demo
Youth under 16 years: 13 Kyu to 1st Kyu
Adults: 6 Kyu to 1st Kyu
Sho Dan and above: must be 16 years and above

Adults - White belts, 6 Kyu
Youth - White belts, 11 to 10 Kyu
Under 7 years - White belts, 13 to 12 Kyu

Adults - 5 and 4 Kyu
Youth - 10 to 7 Kyu

3 to 1st Kyu /Shodan and above

Fees are published in the Saanich Active Living Guide.
To register or for more information, please phone the Gordon Head Recreation Centre: 250-475-7100

Please register and pay at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre's Reception Counter, or online, before attending class(es).


1. Students must first meet with the Sensei before registering for classes.

2. Class registration is complete when the fee has been paid to the Recreation Centre.

3. Fees are due before each class cycle.

4. If you have registered for the year-long program, the fees will be automatically deducted for each month.

5. Paid fees are non-refundable: To arrange for make-up classes, please contact the instructor/sensei.

6. Only registered Ueshiba Aikido members will be allowed to take grade tests.

7. A one-time Membership Registration Fee of $20 will be charged with your first Grading Test.

Dojo Rules

Please be punctual for classes.

No one is allowed to run, walk across, or play on the mats, and in the Dojo, before or after classes.

Students are not allowed to leave the mat or Dojo once the class has begun, without good reason and permission from the Sensei.

Please bring the following to every class:
a) your attendance/syllabus card
b) Dogi (uniform, including the belt)
c) personal Aikido weapons (if any)

You will not be allowed to practise if you do not have your Dogi. Parents - encourage your children to be responsible for their belongings and equipment prior to each class.

Dogi (uniforms) must be neat and clean. Long hair must be tied, and finger / toe nails must be kept short. Respect for others begins with self-respect.

Place your footwear neatly aligned against the back wall.

Perform a standing or seated bow as you enter the Dojo.

When entering the mat area, please perform a seated bow to the Kamiza and then the practice space.

If late, please enter the Dojo quietly, perform a seated bow by the edge of the mat, raise your hand, and wait for permission to enter the mat area.

Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Dojo.

Bow and greet Sensei, sempai (seniors), parents and fellow students in and around the Dojo. Respect others if you want respect.

Sit quietly in rows (leave no gaps in-between) when waiting for the class to begin.

Bow to your partner before and after practising each technique. Practise with focussed concentration in silence.

Ensure registration and fees are in order prior to the start of each class cycle.

See Syllabus for more information on our program of study and practice.

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