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Aikido does not utilise physical force to subdue an attack. There are no blocks and it is not about destruction, fighting or competition; it is about harmony.

Discipline in Aikido
Discipline and proper behaviour are the hallmarks of an Aikido student. From the first lesson, proper dojo etiquette and respect are stressed. The purpose of enforcing discipline in the dojo and during practice is to instil respect for the sensei, each student, and for all things. This also underscores the need for concentration during the practice of potentially lethal techniques. This develops mindfulness in thought, behaviour, attitude and action.

The nature of the training builds confidence and self-discipline which, in turn, develops poise, character, and self-control. Aikido practice provides the experience that develops the ability to blend or harmonize with the force of any attack. At the same time, physical dexterity and mental stability are developed. This provides the perfect basis in developing the child into a confident, disciplined, and well-mannered adult.

Confidence & Well-being
The circular movement and exercises in Aikido aids the respiratory and cardiovascular system, increasing a sense of well-being, confidence and concentration.

Each class is conducted with students working and practicing in pairs. The practitioner has to concentrate on each attack or response by their partner. Techniques are practised repeatedly, developing physical dexterity, mental stability, confidence, poise, character, self-discipline, and self-control. Control is crucial, and causing injury is not the aim. As the student develops and reflects on each day’s practice, increased mindfulness and progress in practice contributes to self-confidence. The challenge is to be alert, effective, and graceful.

Flowing, whirling motion is basic in Aikido. The force is redirected in a circular motion, returning it to the aggressor non-aggressively while exerting minimum strength. This makes Aikido practical and possible for all ages; especially as self-defence for women and children. Techniques and movements are practiced repeatedly for the response to become ingrained, natural, and instinctive.

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