Bokken - Wooden Sword - Shiho Giri

Shiho Giri is a four direction cut. These drills/exercises may be practiced with or without drawing the sword, and performing the Chiburi/Noto. As with Happo Giri, practice the turns and pivots from your centre and your hips. Use the balls of your feet and focus on the flow of the bokken.

  • Omote
  • Ura
  • Sumi Omote
  • Sumi Ura
  • Omote Noto
  • Ura Noto

Shiho Giri - Omote

Shiho Giri - Ura

Shiho Giri - Sumi, Omote

Shiho Giri - Sumi Ura

Shiho Giri - Omote, Noto

Shiho Giri - Ura, Noto

Chiburi - Noto

Although Although this looks like it is based on Iaido, it does not pretend to follow any Iaido tradition.
Being able to draw the sword confidently, swiftly, and smoothly is practical as a first step to being able to wield the sword. Practice drawing the sword with accuracy, and as smoothly as possible, without hesitation or looking at what you are doing. Look up and ahead.

Chiburi is the practice of ridding the katana of blood. There are many methods and traditions.
Here are five basic techniques. When resheathing the sword, do so without hesitation, and without looking at the sword. Slide the Mine (spine) of the sword between the knuckles of your thumb and index of your left hand.

  • No. 1
  • No. 2
  • No. 3
  • No. 4
  • No. 5

Flicking the Umbrella

Horizontal Flick

Letting the Blood Drip

Rotate and Knock

Wiping the Blade


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