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A traditional garb for Kobudo students, the black hakama is worn by Aikido students of Sho Dan rank and above.
Female students may put on the navy blue hakama from the level of 6 kyu onwards.

"Wearing it symbolises traditions that have been passed down to us from generation to generation. Aikido is born of the bushido spirit of Japan, and in our practice we must strive to polish the seven traditional virtues."
(Saotome Shihan 1989, The Principles of Aikido, p 211)

The Seven Pleats of the Hakama
O Sensei once said that the seven pleats in the hakama symbolised the seven virtues of budo:
1. Jin - Benevolence
Jin - Benevolence
2. Gi - Honour or Justice
Gi - Honour or Justice
3. Rei - Courtesy and Etiquette
Rei - Etiquette
4. Chi - Wisdom and Intelligence
Chi- Wisdom
5. Shin - Sincerity
Shin - Sincerity
6. Chu - Loyalty
Chu - Loyalty
7. Kou - (Filiel) Piety
Kou - Filial Piety

Putting the hakama on:


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